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October 3, 2017

Hi folks, another sledding season is approaching. Bonfield SC is once again seeking your support to assist in maintaining our fine trail system. As last year, all permits of any type must be purchased online. For the first time in several years, there will be a modest $10 per permit increase across the board. Purchase on or before November 1st and save!

This year, as every permit buyer must use an email address, I will do a mass emailing. Quicker, more efficient use of our dollars and resources. Reduces our "greenhouse" effect, not to mention I don't have to lick and stuff several hundred mailings.

Great news, the Bonfield SC has been named the 2017, District 11, Club of the year. No mean feat when you consider that the District is made up of many Clubs, all run by dedicated volunteers. Thanks to our volunteers and the folks who support us by dedicating your permit purchase to our club. We added three new volunteers this year; yours truly has been named as Club President. I hope I can fill the shoes of Past President Vic Trahan, who did an awesome job. Fortunately I have a group of dedicated volunteers to carry out most of the work.

Last year we suffered a midwinter, unrepairable breakdown of our 15 year old Lamtrac. We had to finish the winter using a couple of very old and tired loaners. We are awaiting final word, but are very hopeful we will receive something new or newer very soon.

Seasonal permits will be $190 + $7.50 processing fee, on or before November 1st.

November 2nd to December 1st, $220 + $7.50 processing fee. December 2nd and onwards, $270 + $7.50 processing fee.

Classic (1999, or older sled), $150 + $7.50 processing fee, on or before December 1st. December 2nd & onwards, $180 + $7.50 processing fee.

Multi day (2 consecutive day minimum), will be $35 per day.

Go to to buy. An email will be sent, click on the link and proceed. Have your ownership & a credit card ready. Please ensure address, postal/zip code is correct. Please select Bonfield SC as Club of choice.

If I can be of assistance, contact me at 1-705-472-7905, text to 1-705-492-6830, email,

Ken Prescott (BSC President)